Why Christian NLP ?

… but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2)

Many believers want to forgive, they want not to let  “a root of bitterness” spring up to defile them (Heb 12:15), they want to have a more optimistic faith in the power of God, they want to appreciate more so that they can praise better, they want to feel and think more loving, kind, thoughtful, they don’t want to become angry without a cause, or to not let the sun go down on their wrath, but they just don’t know why and beat themselves up with guilt, condemnation and fear about such .

Now Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation (the Biblical alternative for traditional NLP) teaches us the “how” of renewing our minds.  We focus on how to renew our minds  so that we can move ourselves to think and feel more forgiving, loving, insightful.

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CNLT Training

Our national and international accredited Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation training, includes the following:

  • Pre-reading material
  • Eight day workshop, with all training material, daily lunch, memory stick with tools & techniques, and lots more
  • Practical application sessions
  • Membership of the prestige Life Coach Academy Alumni
  • Assistance in building your practice, selling your services, marketing your practice, etc.
  • A 5 page website, including domain name and hosting free of charge for 12 months.
  • Certification as an accredited Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, CNLT Life Coach and Kairos Timeline Therapist (CNLT Total Breakthrough Coach & Practitioner).

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Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is, “Is NLP appropriate for Christians?

Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation

Often, the deeper concern is whether it is appropriate for Christians to take an active role in their own personal development using the best and latest tools available, and whether this can be done in a way which is humble before God and respects, honors and supports their faith. If we ask the question if believers must approve everything that goes under the name of Neuro Linguistic Programming, off course the answer will be “we do not“. That is why we evaluated all the tools and techniques offered by NLP and change the approach to a Christian and Biblical foundation. Romans 12:2 teaches is “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of our minds”? But how do we do that? Now Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation (the Biblical alternative for traditional NLP) teaches us the “how” of renewing our minds.  This training program will revolutionize the way you see your clients, yourself, your counselling process, and your God.

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About Us:  Why we are different from other training institutions?

“This training stands out as the most meaningful and useful both personally and professionally.” – Lynn Victor

Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation

We offer our certified coaches and practitioners assistance and training on becoming the best coaches and practitioners in South Africa.  Not only do we provide the best training, but also the best course fee for all our programs.  We assist in opening your coaching practice with providing assistance and training on opening your practice, building your client base, selling your services, marketing yourself and referring clients to or coaches.  In addition you get entrance to our state-of-the-art online learning centre where the latest tools, techniques and research can be downloaded, as well as a website, domain name and hosting completely free for 12 months.  All our certified coaches and practitioners get access to all our national and international accredited training courses and can offer our add-on services to their clients at a discounted or alternatively earning money to assist them in building a successful coaching practice.

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CNLT Workshops

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Our Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation Workshops during 2019


6 - 12 July
6 - 12 July
9 - 15 November

Cape Town

26 - 31 August

We only accept a maximum of six (6) delegates per workshop

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