Christian Neuro Linguistic Programming

 Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation Total Breakthrough Program

7-Day Christian Neuro Linguistic Programming (Transformation) Total Breakthrough Program – Certification as CNLT Coach & NLP Practitioner

Presented in Johannesburg & Cape Town during 2019.



Christian Neuro Linguistic Programming (Transformation) Course Description

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is, “Is NLP appropriate for Christians?” Often, the deeper concern is whether it is appropriate for Christians to take an active role in their own personal development using the best and latest tools available, and whether this can be done in a way which is humble before God and respects, honors and supports their faith. If we ask the question if believers must approve everything that goes under the name of Neuro Linguistic Programming, off course the answer will be “we do not“. That is why we evaluated all the tools and techniques offered by NLP and change the approach to a Christian and Biblical foundation. Romans 12:2 teaches is to “to be transformed by the renewal of our minds”? But how do we do that? Now Christian Neuro Linguistic Programming (Transformation – the Biblical alternative for traditional NLP) teaches us the “how” of renewing our minds.

This learning program and certification process is designed to help you become a high quality practicing coach & practitioner meeting certain standards of competence. These are closely aligned with the professional competencies promoted by COMENSA (The Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa), as well as the Association for Neuro Linguistic Practitioners and the International Christian Coaching Association. Our certification process is designed to test your standards of competence. The core competencies and benchmark levels that the learning program seeks to promote are listed on the next page of this brochure.

 Training Course Objectives

At the end of the workshop the delegates should be fully conversant with and be able to apply the following knowledge acquired:

  • Employ counselling & coaching CNLT principles and maximize others’ efficiency; use different models, therapies and techniques to counsel and coach; question and guide a coachee or counsellee; influence others through the understanding of problems and provide effective feedback to coachees and counsellees and overcome any potential resistance or reaching potential.
  • Therapy in a counselling context by influencing change in behaviour.
  • Open your own practice and get assistance on marketing your own services with a complete Marketing System.
  • Tools and templates necessary for starting your own Coaching Practice
  • Certification as a CNLT Coach, NLP (CNLT) Practitioner and Kairos Timeline Practitioner with the option to register as a Life Coach & NLP Practitioner with COMENSA, ANLP & ICCA.

The Syllabus of this Training Course

Transformation Fundamentals
  • The Learning State
  • The History of NLP
  • The Root of CNLT (What is NLP?)
  • Link between NLP & CNLT
  • Finding NLP in the Bible
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • Assumptions About God’s Good Creation
  • The Sub-Conscious Mind
Transformation by Communicating
  • Exceptional Communication
  • State vs Outcomes
  • Creating Achievable Outcomes (The SMARTER method)
  • Affirmations and the Bible
  • Behavioural Frames
  • Mind Reading
  • Pattern Interrupt
  • The Communication Model/A Judeo Christian Perspective
Transformation by Connecting
  • Calibration
  • Representational Systems/The Psalmist
  • Observing other People (Sensory Acuity)
  • Predicates and Words
  • Christ-like Rapport
  • Matching & Mirroring
  • Pacing & Leading
  • Eye-Patterns
  • Perceptual Positions
Speaking the Silent Language
  • The Stimulus-Response Concept
  • Anchoring Basics/The David Method
  • State Elicitation
  • Association & Disassociation/The Lion & The Lamb
  • The Flexibility Drill
  • Changing Personal History
  • Physiology of Excellence
Transformational Building Blocks
  • The Filing System of the Mind
  • New Behaviour Generation
  • The Resource Triangle
  • Triggers in Context
  • Contrastive Analysis
  • Mapping/Jacob & Joseph
  • Single Belief Change
  • Swish Patterns/Who do the people say I am?
Transformation and The Magic of Language
  • Persuasive Language
  • Conscious Use of Language
  • Linguistic Presuppositions
  • Therapeutic Questioning
  • The Milton Model
  • Creating Metaphors/David & Nathan
  • Language Patterns
  • Deep and Surface Structure
  • Chunking and Understanding
  • Unmasking Hypnosis
 Transformation through Time
  • Where God Put Time
  • Time Coding
  • How the Brain Tell Time
  • Out of Time and In Time
  • Eliciting the Time Line
  • Kairos Timeline Therapy
The Key to Possibilities
  • Strategies
  • Components and Elements
  • Design and Installation
  • Different Strategies
  • Strategy Elicitation
Changing Problems into Possibilities
  • Framing and Reframing/Jesus as the Reframer
  • Unconscious Parts
  • Context Reframe
  • Content Reframe
  • Six Step Reframing
  • Parts Integration/Proverbs & Paul
  • Dissociative Techniques
Application – Models, Therapy & Process
  • Dynamic Emotional Freedom Therapy
  • The Drop Down Thought Pattern
  • Filtering Out Unsavory Influences
  • Taking the Hurt (Bitter Root) to Jesus
  • 5th Position to the Lord
  • Insert Just Jesus
  • The Excuse Blow Out
  • New Identity in Christ
  • The Meeting Format
  • Negotiation & Influencing
  • Family Therapy Model
  • The Five-Step Sales Process
Marketing & Practice Building
  • Planning a Practice
  • Selling your Services
  • Succeeding in Business
  • Marketing Truths
  • An Internet Presence

Certification Process:

  • 35 Hours Self-study before Commencement of the Workshop
  • 2 Hours Pre-Assessment Open Book Test
  • 65 Lecturing Hours
  • 18 Hours Practical Competency Preparation

Upon Completion of the Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation Program, you will be Certified as:

  • Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner
  • CNLT Coach
  • Kairos Timeline Therapist
  • Dynamic Emotional Freedom Therapist

More than just a Life Coaching Training Course

Open your own practice and get assistance on marketing your own services with a complete Marketing System.  This information includes:

  • Marketing & Practice Building
  • Planning a Practice
  • Selling your Services
  • Succeeding in Business
  • Marketing Truths
  • An Internet Presence


Our certified practitioners and coaches get:

  • A five-in-one certification after successful completion of our total breakthrough training program.  (This program consists of pre-reading material, an open book test, 65 hour workshop, practical application – total blended learning of 130 hours)
    • Certified Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitioner
    • Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner
    • Certified Kairos Timeline Practitioner
    • Certified Neuro Linguistic Life Coach
  • Become an associate of Life Coach Academy and get discount for any future training and/or offer our accredited skills development training programmes to your clients at discounted prices.  This will assist you in building your practice, but also provide an income while building your practice.
  • A 5 page website, domain name and hosting for 12 months (Completely free to kick-start your practice).
  • A free module to built your practice, market yourself and sell your services.
  • Additional tools and techniques to all certified coaches and practitioners.
  • Coaching referrals from us – we do not provide any coaching, but assist in referring clients to coaches and practitioners in our network.
  • A free listing on our national database.


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