Guiding Principles

Core Values

In pursuance of training and/or coaching, whether for gain or not, all our Coaches and/or Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitioners will endeavour to abide by our core principles:

  • Respect the autonomous decisions of all adults;
  • Aim to always act to the benefit of clients and/or sponsors;
  • Do not harm the client in any way; and
  • Act with fairness when the interests of different individuals and groups are in competition.

Guiding Principles

The coach and/or trainee coach and/or Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitionersfunctioning under the Life Coach Academy Certification agrees to act in accordance with the following guiding principles in carrying out the coaching services:


The coach acknowledges that, whereas Life Coach Academy provides various forms of training, guidance, structured method and approach, tools techniques and support for him or her, any coaching services that he or she may offer in whatever form, are provided in his or her capacity as an independent operator. The provision of such services and the results and effects of such services are the sole responsibility of the coach and/or Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitioners.

Dignity & Equality

We value the rich and diverse global community of humanity and are dedicated to an unbiased opinion on every mentoring and coaching client, regardless of their gender, ethnic, social or religious background. The coach and/or Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitioners will have respect for the inherent worth of all human beings, regardless of perceived or real differences in social status, ethnic origin, gender, capacities, or other such characteristics. This inherent worth means that all human beings are worthy of equal moral consideration. As such, respect for the dignity and worth of all human beings also includes moral consideration of, and respect for, cultural communities.

Quality & Competence

We value our coaching outputs that are rigorously tested and benchmarked to the highest standards, and we continuously improve our performance and quality of the materials and services we provide. The coach and/or Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitioner undertakes to:

  • maintain high standards of competence and exercise care in determining how best to serve the needs of the client in the coaching relationship;
  • ensure that he/she is adequately educated and skilled in the Life Coach Academy coaching methods used to deliver his/her services. The nature of the Life Coach Academy certification program puts a responsibility on the coach to act with integrity and diligence in following the program and fully embracing the methods and technology prescribed; and
  • develop and enhance his/her level of competence by participating in relevant training and continuing opportunities for on-going professional development.


We value an interactive relationship between ourselves and our clients, based on full commitment of both parties. The coach  and/or Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitionersundertakes to:

  • understand and ensure that the coaching relationship reflects the dynamic context within which the coaching is taking place;
  • ensure that the expectations of the client and (where relevant) the sponsor, are understood and that he/she understands how those expectations are to be met; and
  • conduct himself/herself in a way that demonstrates an understanding and respect for the dignity and diversity of all people.


We value a person as a “whole” person with the potential to realize his or her potential and thus follow a holistic process addressing the needs of the whole person. The coach and/or Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitioner undertakes to:

  • maintain professional integrity, irrespective of the demands of the client or sponsor; respect the client’s right to confidentiality and privacy in the coaching relationship;
  • disclose information of relevance to the coaching relationship only where explicitly agreed with the client and sponsor (where one exists), unless the coach believes that there is convincing evidence of serious danger to the client or others if the information is withheld;
  • ensure the client fully appreciates, understands and agrees to the terms of any coaching contract or agreement that is entered into with him or her;
  • honour the terms of the above-mentioned contract;
  • operate within the limits of his/her own competence, recognise where that competence has the potential to be exceeded and, where necessary, refer the client to a more experienced coach or support the client in seeking the help of another relevant professional, such as a counsellor, psychotherapist, consultant or business/financial advisor;
  • be aware of the potential for conflicts of interest of either a commercial or emotional nature to arise through the coaching relationship and deal with them quickly and effectively to ensure there is no detriment to the client or sponsor;
  • to maintain transparency of communication with other members of the coaching and mentoring professions within the confines of existing confidentiality agreements; and act within the applicable laws and regulations of the country.


We value unquestionable integrity and ethical standards to enable us to advance a positive reputation for our industry, our company, our clients and ourselves. The coach and/or Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitioner undertakes to:

  • act with integrity and conduct the coaching relationship in a truthful, honest and clear manner;
  • act to the benefit – and in the interest – of the client in the coaching relationship;
  • approach the coaching relationship with the necessary respect and regard for related professions;
  • ensure that he/she is both mentally and physically fit to deliver coaching and mentoring services;
  • assume personal ownership for self-learning and self-growth;
  • refrain from representing the work and views of Life Coach Academy or others as their own;
  • act responsibly with regard to the assessment of the need for coaching as a means of intervention; and
  • ensure that any claim of competence, certification or any other form of accreditation is clearly and accurately explained to potential clients and that no false or misleading claims are made or implied either in the spoken or written word in marketing and/or other materials.


We valued our coaching clients as unique human beings with feelings, goals and dreams of their own and by caring, listening and being results-driven we assist in empowering them to be the best they can be.  The coach and/or Christian Neuro Linguistic Practitioner undertakes to:

  • consciously create a coaching environment that supports the independence of the client within the coaching relationship;
  • maintain professionalism and faithfully pursue obligations and agreements made in the coaching relationship;
  • be focused primarily on maximising the effectiveness of the client in the chosen areas of his/her life;
  • refrain from exploiting or manipulating the client in any manner;
  • ensure that the coaching contract is appropriate and proportional to the objectives of the coaching relationship (e.g. fees, coaching objectives, duration);
  • understand that professional responsibilities continue beyond the termination of any coach/mentoring relationship. These include the following:
  • Maintenance of agreed confidentiality of all information relating to clients and sponsors.
  • Avoidance of any exploitation of the former relationship.
  • Provision of any follow-up that has been agreed to.
  • Safe and secure maintenance of all related records.
  • demonstrate due respect for the variety of different approaches to coaching and other individuals in the profession.
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