How does NLP work?

As human beings we live in a five sensory world. We take in all information through our five senses – See, Hear, Feel, Smell and Taste. Now if we absorbed everything that comes to us at the rate of about 4 million bits of information per second, we’d fry our circuits. So to deal with it – to make the pieces of information into small enough chunks to deal with – we filter the information.

Some of the filters are our perceptions of time and space, energy and matter, the language we use and our understanding of words and meanings, our memories, the unique way we go about making decisions, the patterns we look for when selecting information, our values and beliefs and our overall attitude. We delete, distort and generalize information according to our unique filters. Once we have passed incoming information through all these filters, we take what has gotten through and we make it an internal representation of it. This internal representation is in the form of a sensory perception: a picture with sounds, feelings, tastes and smells. The next thing that happens (instantaneously) is that we react to the internal representation and enter a corresponding state.