Life Areas

Life Areas where CNLT is Applicable

Business –
Coaching, Training, Negotiation, Sales, and Leadership Development. CNLT provides the “how to do it” for all the “what to dos” of the other leadership models.

Education –
Classroom management; incorporating the concept of different learning styles: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic, including values and other deep structural “filters” that influence each individual’s interest and capacity to learn; accelerated learning technologies; photo reading; spelling and other strategies to enhance learning.

Therapy –
Highly effective Brief Therapy models to treat: phobia, trauma, post-traumatic stress, habit & addiction cessation, allergic response, relationship problems, grief, depression, healing of negative emotions, ADD, ADHD and more.

Coaching –
CNLT methodologies offer a positive, proactive goal-oriented approach to the change process, making them appropriate for coaching in all contexts. Both approaches offer the coaching profession a tremendous scope to assist clients in more rapidly achieving their desired outcomes and sustaining those results. The CNLT Coaching Model is particularly useful at “coaching the unconscious mind”.

Sports Performance –
CNLT is renowned for its capacity to enhance performance in Golf, Tennis and Diving. CNLT is also used extensively in enhancing sports performance for athletes from the amateur to the world class level. Both individuals and teams can benefit greatly by including CNLT principles in their training.

People from all walks of life use CNLT personally and professionally. For example:

Businesses can use CNLT to foster world-class sales and customer service results – and to implement organizational change effectively.

Educators can study the verbal and nonverbal language of every child to identify how each one learns best. As classrooms become increasingly diverse, CNLT skills are becoming more essential.

Counsellors, Therapists & Coaches can help clients become more functional in a shorter time frame. CNLT methodologies are essential for helping professionals who want rapid and lasting results with their clients.

Medical & Dental Professionals can mitigate patients’ fears and anxieties about procedures. This translates to higher client satisfaction.

On the personal side, CNLT will enable you to:

Enjoy far greater control and freedom over your own state of mind, responses, and interactions with others. You’ll find it much easier to clarify your dreams for the future and identify barriers that may be holding you back. Change the unwanted habits and behaviours that are standing in your way. Understand you partner’s and children’s needs and communication styles more fully. Enhance rapport and communication with others. Recognize how others are using language to influence you. You’ll find it easier to achieve your personal and professional goals, because you’ll gain greater access to your internal resources.