Training Course


Christian Neuro Linguistic BreakthroughTrack 1
7-Day Course to get Certified as a

Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation Life Coach & Practitioner
NLP Practitioner
Kairos Timeline Practitioner
(Including Practice Building for Life Practitioners)

Dynamic Life CoachingTrack 2
5-Day Course to get Certified as a

Dynamic Life Coach

(Including Practice Building for Life Practitioners)

(There are no such thing as failure, there are only results!)

Discover how to coach yourself and others to success in any area and even make a living as a professional Dynamic Life Coach!)

Dynamic Emotional Freedom TherapyTrack 3
3-Day Course to get Certified as a

Dynamic Emotional Freedom Therapist

(Add to your Life Coaching Certification by becoming a Dynamic Emotional Freedom Therapist)

NLP for Business SucccessTrack 4
4-Day Course to get Certified as a

NLP Business Success Coach

(Including Practice Building for Life Practitioners)

Add on Workshop: How to get better results faster at work

NLP Sales

Track 5

2-Day Course to qualify as a

NLP Sales Specialist

(Weekends Only / Online e-Learning Available)

The NLP Sales Process (also known as The NLP Five Step Sales Process), will help you make sales faster and easier, dramatically increasing your closing ratio and turning your clients into raving fans.

Transform your Memory

Track 6

2-Day Course for

Improving your Memory

(Weekends Only / Online e-Learning Available)

Studies show that, when you learn how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, you can remember incredible details that you didn’t even consciously know you saw or heard.

Empowering YourselfTrack 7
2-Day Course for

Empowering Yourself

(Weekends Only / Online e-Learning Available)

“I would much rather empower a person than motivate them. A motivated person has to go back to get motivated again, once it wears off. Empowerment never wears off.”

Sanctified EmotionsTrack 8
2-Day Course for

Sanctified Emotions

(Weekends Only / Online e-Learning Available)

This training course exist for one reason: to help you as a  believer in Jesus Christ learn how to direct and use your emotions in the service of God.

Practice BuildingTrack 9
2-Day Course for

Building your Practice

(Weekends Only / Online e-Learning Available)

Target Audience:  All Coaches, Psychologists, NLP Practitioners, Social Workers, Medical Doctors & Counsellors

Life Counselling

Track 10

Online Course to get Certified as a

Life Counsellor

(Excluding Practice Building for Life Practitioners)

(Only Online e-Learning Option)

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