Why Christian NLP?

NLP – The Root of CNLT

If we ask the question if believers must approve everything that goes under the name of Neuro Linguistic Programming, off course the answer will be “we do not“.  If we ask if believers approve everything that goes under the name of “biblical theology”, again we would say, “off course we do not“.  Many things called “Christian” miss that mark by a long shot.  Yet the misuse of a thing does  not argue against it, and with anything powerful and effective, someone can use it as a tool for good or ill.  This calls upon us to discern between good and evil, useful and unuseful, productive and unproductive, so that we can utilize what’s true and praiseworthy wherever we find it.

Let us first offer a warning.  The techniques and tools known withing the NLP field work powerfully.  What is the problem with that?  Powerful technology lends itself to misuse and misapplication.  It can tempt the unscrupulous to enter the filed to either claim or use the techniques for tier unholy use.  Just as David Koresh misused God’s word and brought destruction upon himself and others, so some have discovered the tremendous power in the Neuro Linguistic Programming model and have used it in an unethical end manipulative manner.  Any powerful tool can end up in the hands of the unethical.

Why then bring to the Christian public such powerful tools?  So that ethical people who do care about people, the world and their own stewardship of things, can take a hold of this powerful technology.  The goal is to introduce the Christian community at large to the state-of-the-art communication models and healing tools in NLP.  In doing this, we want to empower Christians to avoid the manipulations of those who would use the same for ill-gain.  This technology is simply tools by which we can get things done, and models for understanding – the quality of the use depends upon the one who uses the tools.

As we reveal and correlate traditional NLP to the Bible, we picked out those patterns that compliment the biblical truths, not those which contradict such.  These are NLP patterns that we consider un-Christian.  By bathing the principles of NLP, which is basically a communication model in scripture and by placing them in the hands of believers, we seek to maintain the integrity of both the Bible and NLP.

Under the new label of Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation, this knowledge enables the believer to use the processes within a Christian and Biblical context. By doing this, we “do not want to be conformed to this world, but rather be transformed by the renewal of the mind“.  (Romans 12:2)